Sqrl helps you not waste as much as 25% of your time.

Don’t waste 25% of your time e-mailing, calling, and following up for information.

That's time you don't recoup. It's lost. Done. Kaput.

Sqrl is a professional gatherer. It’s what he does.

It's on his teeny-weeny little business card.

  • Custom Dashboard
  • Templated Requests
  • Automated Reminders
  • Conversation Streams
See what Sqrl can do you for you...
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  1. Secure Login

    Log-in to Sqrl dashboard.

  2. Create a request
  3. Sic Sqrl on 'em

    Send Sqrl on his way to gather files and responses.

Sqrl gets it done. (Good Sqrl, good Sqrl...)

Sqrl will continue to notify your clients until the request is fulfilled.

Sqrl says... This is Sqrl. You have a request. I’m a Sqrl. I can do this forever. It’s cool. We’re bred with patience.
  • Chasing down clients...

  • VS.
  • ...kicking butt at you job.

Sometimes it comes down to chasing files, or kicking butt at your job.
The simple truth is, businesses that are able to focus on their core missions are more likely to grow. Sqrl provides you with a request engine that eliminates the most distracting parts of your day. It just makes sense.

Focus on people, not paper. Sqrl Says...
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